The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie –

The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

December 28, 2018

It happened. The moment you’ve been dreaming of since you had your first kiss, the love of your life just asked you to marry them.

(Cue the champagne popping!) You’ve been blinded by the sparkle, and every lovey-dovey emotion is coursing through your veins. You’re engaged! Now what?!


Tell your loved ones first!

I know you want to shout the news from the rooftops, but first you need to shout it at your closest family members and friends. You don’t want to run the risk of them feeling left out, possibly being the “last to know” because it was posted to social media first. Make that phone call, shoot that text, or even stop by their home to show off your bling in person! Be sure to gush about every detail of the proposal, trust me, they’ll want to hear all about it. Positive bonus? The more you recount the event in detail, the more likely you are to remember (and feel) every single moment in years to come.


Now it’s time to tell the rest of the world!

Be prepared, the moment you announce “I’m Engaged!”, people will demand to see that bling! We all live for the sparkle, especially in social media land. Here are some tips coming from a professional photographer!



The Nails!

Hopefully your friends or lover non-nonchalantly encouraged you to get a manicure before the big event, but if not, toss a fresh coat of paint of those bad boys. Feeling extra? Add glitter, a bolder color, or design to your ring fingernail to draw more attention to the main event of your hand! Fingernail polish isn’t for everyone, and is certainly not a requirement for the perfect bling shot, but be sure your nails are clean and trimmed!



The Light!

Find the perfect lighting to create that “sparkle” for your sparkler! Natural light, especially directional window light, will create that nice soft romantic look. Wanting something more dramatic? Consider using a creative light source such as fairy lights, sparklers, or candles. All of which can be picked up at your local hardware store, supermarket, or Amazon!






Show Off Your Lover!

What better prop is there? Why not take this opportunity to show off the love of your life, along with the symbol of your everlasting love? After all, they just planned the perfect proposal and took a major leap of faith in asking the big question! Have your sweetheart pop into the selfie alongside you, smiles beaming. Or have them in the background, being themselves. This is a great way to show off your personalities! The possibilities are endless!






Their Point of View!

An alternative to the above tip, why not show off their point of view? Let them show you off in all your beaming happiness love fueled glory! They just won the prize of their life, and trust me, they are just as excited (if not more) that you said “Yes!”. Have them take the selfie from their perspective, bonus points if it’s at the proposal spot!




Congratulations on Your Engagement!







*Some images found from Pintrest. I do not claim them as my own.

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